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Star Nutraceuticals has an extensive white label nutritional supplement line. We offer all the essential nutritional supplements and on top of that new technological highlights in the world of nutritional supplements. In addition to our white label food supplements, we also produce fully customized supplements on request. Curious about the possibilities? Then sign up to see what we can do for you.

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Create your own nutrition brand in 6 simple steps.

Star Nutraceuticals is the specialist in private label nutritional supplements, diet and health products. We develop a brand without worries and with exceptionally high quality. We help you find the right solution that fits your brand perfectly. We only do this with the best raw materials and materials.

#1 What do I need?

Starting a private label nutritional supplement line? As a brand owner, determine in advance how you want to do this and which target group you want to address.

#2 Sign Up

All legal documents in order and a clear business strategy? Sign up with Star Nutraceuticals as a company for the next step in your journey to become a nutrition brand.

#3 Make a choice

Within Star Nutraceuticals we distinguish between completely exclusive proprietary formulations or ready-made, perfected formulations. Find out more in our product catalog.

#4 Quotation & Agreement

Make a final product choice based on samples. We always do this and in many cases we still have a meeting before we prepare a quote. Feel free to make an appointment or mail us your ideas.

#5 Packaging design

Each label is specially designed by professionals based on your specified wishes. We have extensive experience in packaging design.

#6 Delivery

All products are carefully packed and checked for quality of both content and appearance. We ship orders to different countries if desired.

Wide experience in supplements

With over 30 years of experience in the field of sports nutrition, we can say with some certainty that we are the specialist in development and production in the field of private label nutritional supplements, diet and health products. Star Nutraceuticals has been supplying top quality products around the world for decades.

Supplements through Star Nutraceuticals

Star Nutraceuticals provides services and products in the sports nutrition industry with enhanced control over all tasks related to consultancy and logistics. Star Nutraceuticals has been serving the fitness and wellness industry for over 10 years.

Tons of production capacity


High-quality raw materials

developed supplement formula's

Private Label Manufacturer from A to Z.

Developing brands is something we’ve been doing for years. We can make any dietary supplement for you in our own house style and composition under private label supplements. We also have a growing list of white label supplements that we have compiled that excel in taste and quality. White label supplements are in stock in our warehouse for fast delivery and right now we have a list of over 500 different supplements.

Private label supplements from “The Best!”

At Star Nutraceuticals you have come to the right place for only the best nutritional supplements. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for full private label supplements or white label supplements, in both we provide very high quality products and it is up to you to choose whether you need one or the other.


Years experience


custom label design

clients worldwide

Years producing


years experience


custom label design

clients worldwide

years producing

Curious about the possibilities?


Contact Star Nutraceuticals quickly. One of our professionals will be happy to answer all your questions. We take plenty of time for that. 

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Personal, honest and transparent! First, take a look at our Tips & Tricks in which our specialists explain what to expect and how you can best approach this.

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Working at Star Nutraceuticals

We employ nutritionists, fitness specialists, art directors and commercial advisors who understand what it means to work in the sports nutrition industry. With this expertise, we help our brands choose the right products and services to meet their unique needs, with a focus on improving efficiency and realizing savings. Star Nutraceuticals is always looking for new hungry talent. Tell us why you are an asset to our team. We have open spaces in the Netherlands and Spain.

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Start your own brand?

Contact Star Nutraceuticals quickly. One of our professionals will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We take plenty of time for that. Personal, honest and transparent!