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Private label Whey protein

Private label whey protein has never been so easy. Both small and large quantities are possible with us. Increase your chances with your own nutrition brand and start now and experience quality and perfection. Sign up on our webapp and discover the world of white label whey protein.

Whey protein is the most sold food supplement in the world. We deliver the best quality and purity available for your private label. In our webshop you can order samples to test it yourself.

Worldwide there are different types of whey protein types, which are also manufactured in different ways. Whey is a by-product of cheese making. The whey contains, among other things, the serum or whey proteins and the water-soluble vitamins and minerals that also occur in milk. Our whey protein is of the highest quality, more pure protein and dissolves more easily so that our whey protein does not clump.

For flavoring our whey protein we use natural identical aroma, this provides a natural taste experience because we do not use chemical aroma variants. For a complete vegan whey protein we can season the whey protein by replacing the sweetener Sucralose with Stevia extract. Of course we can make extensive samples for every taste.

Any whey protein from our range we can deliver in bulk or under your own nutrition brand in either private label or white label. We supply various whey protein types including the whey concentrate, whey isolate, whey hydrolyzate, various blends and the all new Clear Whey.

Whey protein differences

Almost everyone knows whey protein but do you know what is the difference between a concentrate and whey isolate? In our business we try to be as transparent as we can be and therefore deliver the purest forms as we can in order to maintain the quality of the supplement at hand.

In the below chart we explain the differences. Hopefully after our explanation you can choose the right product for your nutrition brand.

Whey Concentrate

The simplest variant of whey protein powder is whey protein concentrate. This whey protein is dried and somewhat filtered whey. A whey protein concentrate generally provides more health benefits because it still contains most of the nutrients from the whey. Whey concentrate consists of approximately 80% protein. If you want a high protein content, concentrate is not the best choice. In contrast, it is the cheapest whey protein variant available.

Whey Isolate

Whey protein isolate is just like concentrate, but extra strong filtered and it is extracted from milk instead of cheese which gives this a white color instead of the yellowish for the whey protein concentrate. This means that the protein content is higher, between 90% and 94% flavored and higher if you do not use any flavors. The biggest plus is more protein, low in carbohydrates and whey isolate is absorbed faster by the body.

Whey Hydrolyzate

Whey Protein Hydrolyzate is on the market for some time and the purest and most expensive option of the three is the whey protein hydrolyzate. Whey protein hydrolyzate is pre-digested: this means that it is absorbed by your body very quickly. The advantage of this semi-processed whey protein is that the body needs to do less work. The proteins from whey hydrolyzate are therefore absorbed even faster by the body. In protein content this supplement is comparable to whey protein isolate. The flavoring is different and it has a more silky texture, however the flavor of whey protein hydrolyzate is very recognizable and not for everyone’s liking.

Whey Protein Blend

What is good value for money is the so-called whey protein blends. The best option we provide is a whey blend from the three different whey forms (concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzate) in equal levels (33.33% each). Such a mix quickly offers at least 80% protein. The disadvantage is that these blends can never be used by people who suffer from lactose intolerance. We often see a combination of whey concentrate and whey isolate but that is close to the pure products and therefore marketing wize not the best option.

Clear Whey Protein

Clear Whey Protein is the proud winning concept of the Foods Ingredients Europe 2017 award in the category Performance Nutrition Innovation. This new raw material was released for manufacturing at the end of 2019 and is very much different from the other whey proteins listed above. With good nutrition as a top priority for many of today’s consumers, functional, high-protein products are more appealing than ever. Until now, protein waters have succeeded in delivering the nutritional benefits, whilst issues around taste and mouthfeel have challenged product developers.With clear whey protein, we have a solution that will revolutionize clear protein waters, helping you to meet consumer expectations surrounding taste, mouthfeel, appearance and high-quality protein content.

Clear Whey Protein can help you create great-tasting clear protein waters that deliver all of the nutritional benefits of whey protein. Clear Whey Protein is ideal for use in protein ready-to-drink products, making it possible to deliver high-quality whey protein with new flavours and zero dry mouthfeel.

It checks all the boxes for a successful product launch. Made in Europe, this fat-free 100% whey protein ingredient contains no additives as well as non-GMO/GMO-free. Till this point we are talking about the raw material and not what we have developed. We took the highest and purest form of Clear Whey Isolate and used this as a basis to form our own version of Clear Whey with the best flavoring available in the market and an outstanding mixability where we fixed and upgraded the flaws we experienced. Clear Whey is the newest level of protein available on the market.

Truth about protein.

As you may know the world of proteins nowadays is very much different than it was in the past. New nutrition brands and so called manufacturers are coming in everyday. We love to have competition but on a fair basis.

A lot of these so-called cheaper proteins are spiked. Unfortunately spiking is legal in some countries but in our case we do not do it under any circumstances, it affects the quality in a bad way. Spiking is using cheaper amino acids to boost the protein level, but this is cheating and recognizable by the texture which is very thin. It is our duty to inform customers about this.

At any time, ask your manufacturer for a full amino acid profile of your protein. Manufacturers who cannot give you this information cannot be trusted to give you the best and honest possible whey protein. Want to know how you can discover if your product is wrong? Please contact us by mail with your spec sheets for an honest opinion. We are also close with Eurofin labs for specific analyses of any product.


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