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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


Do you produce yourself?

We develop and produce all products ourselves.

What is the minimum purchase?

With the white label supplements this is variable and can be found when you register and enter our shop, with private label supplements this is 300 kg each flavor.

Why is your minimum purchase so high?

In order to find a good balance in price and quality. You get a competitive price and we deliver high quality for that.

Can i receive samples?

Yes, we can offer samples for all white label supplements for a fee. For private label supplements, a sample when placing an order is mandatory.

What are the delivery times?

The delivery time depends on the way in which we deliver the products. Without labels are delivered to your home within a few days if in stock. If you also have labels, it will take longer depending on the schedule. With every order we give a target date when we expect to deliver.

Can i pick up my order?

Yes, of course in consultation with the planning.

Do you do dropshipping?

No, we are specialised in developing and producing nutritional supplements.

Do you stick the labels on the jars?

We stick labels purchased through us on the products for free. If we need to stick labels from another company then we calculate a fee for each jar and it comes without guarantee due to quality control. All labels are put onto jars by machine.

Can i customize the jar?

Yes, only this is goes per 1000 jars in one size. Choices in consultation as jars are scarce at the moment.

Can you take care of the full appearance?

We can design logos, house styles and labels. These digital art nerds can do anything your heart desires. If you really want to take everything to the highest level, this is your choice. Extensive experience and everything tailor-made.


Do you have everything in stock?

We have mostly in stock, but it may be that some products are sold out. Usually, white label supplements are back in stock within 2 weeks.

Can you handle large requests?

We produce enough supplements for our brands and private label customers worldwide to be able to supply the big boys here as well.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Our supplements, depending on the type of product, have a shelf life between 1 and 4 years from date of manufacture.

Is there any advice for storage of products?

Yes, we recommend that you store the product in a cool and dry place and especially in a place where you have no UV rays. A constant temperature is best, especially for pre-workouts, fat burners etc. Each product also has this information on the product specification.

Do i get digital specifications of my products?

Yes, this is even mandatory.

Why does the pre workout have a different jar?

For the pre-workout and other formulations containing beta-alanine or specific herbal extracts, we use a specific jar which ensures that no oxygen and moisture enter the jar. These so-called HPDE jars have been specifically developed for this. In our case, this is function over fashion because this prevents your product from becoming hard and the powder remains neat.

Can i customize your white label products?

Yes, but then it becomes a private label and you go up to 300 kg per flavor.

Can i provide a formula myself?

Yes, we will then see if this can be made within the EU rules. If not, we will modify your formula so that it is possible. We also advise what you should or should not do.

Can you help with formulating?

Yes, if you have an idea and don’t know where to start, we can make the entire formula for you. We have extensive experience and a high-quality R&D lab that can accurately make or imitate any formulation.


Do you also supply bags?

Yes, we can also supply bags completely designed in house style. This falls under private label supplements.

Do you also supply sample bags?

Yes, we also make sample bags completely designed in house style. You can contact us for this.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes, we can deliver worldwide.

Why do i need to sign up?

We take the time with every customer to answer their questions. Star Nutraceuticals only works with companies, so it is important that we know who we are dealing with. We cannot provide data without a company.

Why do i see so few references?

Star Nutraceuticals concludes a discretion agreement with all its customers in which we are as discreet as possible. It is not the intention that we screen with brands that do not want that. We have enough brands and market share to clear up any doubts some potential customers may have.

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