Packaging Design

We turn every concept into a true work of art. From the design of your logo, corporate identity to atmospheric photography and isolated photos. Everything is done by digital art nerds with over 15 years of experience.

We look further

An important part of your own food brand is the appearance of your product. We have a young dynamic creative design team that is constantly working on new trends and developments in the field of product appearance in food supplements. We look beyond your brand and go a step further by researching what your target audience likes. Staying ahead of the competition and marketing your supplements is extremely difficult and we are happy to lend you a hand by doing targeted market research for you.

We use color psychology

Years of knowledge in the field of design have ensured that we can provide fully customized packaging design for our customers with our in-house studio. We use color psychology in combination with modern design to lift your brand to a very high level in terms of appearance.

High-quality materials

Every brand requires a different approach, we at Star Nutraceuticals understand that like no other. That’s why we can customize practically anything for your brand. To guarantee quality, we only use high-quality materials. We have a selection of jars, bags and label materials for you to choose from. This selection ensures that your brand can be represented as conceived.

UV resistant

We are happy to discuss personal wishes regarding your brand with you. Our material is strong, UV-resistant and of the highest quality at the best price and completely customized. Message us with your label size and you will get a response within 24 hours. Be surprised by our artistic freedom.

Our creative team has been designing art work for several big brands in the supplement industry. We know what is needed to make a successful branding.


Of course you want your label or logo to be seen in its full glory. When modelling, we show your artwork in a so-called mockup. Almost indistinguishable from the real thing and ideal if you want to get started quickly with your marketing or webshop. Our mockups are a direct digital copy of our white label pots.


Star Nutraceuticals employs photographers with extensive experience in the professional circuit. Loose photos of your products are no problem for us. We make them for you and also do the retouching. The result is a clean, beautiful photo of the end result that can be used for any digital purpose. In addition, we can provide atmospheric photos or organize model photos.


A perfect presentation of products is essential for the success of a brand. Statistics have shown that potential customers are more likely to buy products if the product presentation matches what the customer receives. With the help of photography we make this step as small as possible.

We provide more than just labels

We provide specific real, pratical business solutions that meets your unique and varied needs if you are active in supplements, that includes branding.

We offer only the highest quality materials. On request we can deliver on all sorts of materials if needed. Take into consideration that this will take more time at first.

We love materials

We take the word custom seriously. With a wide variety of options to choose from, we’ll help you create labels tht are as unique as your product. Check out our glossy, matte, holographic labels for creating the perfect custom labels.


62G/㎡OR 120G/㎡, Exclusive and unique. Super high gloss and Hyper Matte Rainbow. This is glitter, glamor!


62G/㎡ OR 80G/㎡,  Exclusive and premium feel. Feels like a cool matt wrapped car if done good!


62G/㎡   High gloss looks great on everyone.

Looking for something special? On demand we can print on Uv Spot, Wine Kraft, Pure Kraft, Structured, Gold and many more materials.

Some inspiration of our work

Star Nutraceuticals concludes a discretion agreement with all its customers in which we are as discreet as possible. It is not the intention that we screen with brands that do not want that. We have enough brands and market share to clear up any doubts some potential customers may have.

Ready to start your brand?

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