Quality control

The health of our customers is a top priority for us, which is why we make nutritional analytics available to all our customers. Star Nutraceuticals only uses independent labs with vast knowledge and in-depth experience related to sports nutrition products. Even before you place your order, we have product specification sheets (PSS) available. This way the end customer knows that what is displayed on the label is also what each product contains.

GMP Certified

Clear and transparent so that you know for sure where you stand. Our pursuit of excellence allows us to offer the most reliable products in terms of taste, solubility and density, as well as of course composition. All Star Nutraceuticals supplements are manufactured and packaged under GMP (good manufacturing practice) requirements.

Meeting your needs.

We only produce under European legislation and are GMP certified. Both locations follow 100% HACCP guidelines and meet the strictest hygiene requirements. GMP certification ensures that supplements are consistently produced and controlled to quality standards.

GMP certification ensures that supplements are consistently produced and controlled to quality standards.

What is GMP?

GMP is designed to standardize the final product and eliminate the risk of manufacturing errors in every step of pharmaceutical production. GMP certification is one of the most important consumer insurances for a quality product. GMP certification is recognized in Europe and is now the standard in every country. Every Star Nutraceuticals production of our sports nutrition products and/or raw materials has been tested for banned substances and is safe to use. Several times a year we receive an audit during which it is physically checked whether everything hardware & software is correct.


Before leaving the factory, our products are randomly analyzed to make sure the nutritional information is correct.

The production process is very explicit and therefore human hand is always needed during and after the production. What you aim to achieve before doesn’t necessary mean you have created the right product for your client. In every step of our production process we test quality and flavoring.

In every case we use Eurofins to check quality of raw materials or for extensive testing of ingredients to meet GMP standards.

Meeting Client expectations.

Upon arrival at our warehouse in the Netherlands, a second inspection takes place in which we test structure, taste and mixability again. Star Nutraceuticals only uses independent labs. At Star we use common sense to achieve a constant quality level, test your product in realtime and every batch to assure the same product is produced.

Let us be clear. In all cases if our nutrionist does not approve the product, we will not ship this product out and the production process start all over again. This way we keep our quality level to the highest standards possible. Even machines can make mistakes and it is our job to deliver you the quality we said we do.

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