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What is your target audience?

Target group research is indispensable when you want to put a new service or product on the market. Which audience should you target? And what wishes and needs does this target group have? How do you ensure that you reach this target group effectively?

A target group research mainly focuses on the target group instead of a product or service. With a target group research it is possible to accurately understand the target group.

Lower costs.

In this way it can be accurately determined where the target group is located, demographic characteristics can be identified and it can be determined how this target group can best be reached. By knowing your target group well, marketing efforts can be used more effectively, which can lead to more effective campaigns and lower costs.

By knowing your target group well, marketing efforts can be used more effectively.

Meaning of branding?

Many people think that branding is about logos, corporate identities, advertising and marketing, but there is much more to it. The meaning of branding for companies is about converting the company’s values into a visual (and non-visual) identity that represents the brand down to the last detail.

That identity is largely determined by brand values. Brand values are the DNA of a brand. With good branding, these values are reflected in the expressions and communication of a brand, so that it really comes to life with the consumer/customer.

Webshop or POS?

An accessible way to start your own brand is to set up a webshop. You have very low start-up costs and are up and running in no time.

You don’t even need to hire someone if you don’t have the budget. Nowadays you can create a cheap webshop yourself with simple solutions in no time.

Do you prefer a more professional approach and do you have a budget? Then it is definitely advisable to hire a professional, especially if you are not very good at it. In that case, always make good agreements with the builder of your website. For example, do you also receive support after delivery of the website?

If you already have an existing store, a webshop may not necessarily be necessary, but it is certainly not an unnecessary luxury. A webshop can be an extension of your online awareness.

The POS people.

A POS also known as Point of Sale are the so called local stores. While this business is totally different than the digital world of webshop nowadays, still POS is a growing market. Most people will think about a actual physical store beside the clothing shops but a POS is more than that.

Opening your Supplement POS can also be selling your nutrition brand in other stores or by big home delivery services. In the current climate people are still tend to want to buy their stuff in stores and there a real supplement POS company can create a big market if done correctly. Listen to what your local clients are looking for and provide that in full. Our tip is too look into dynamic search data of your city and country.

What do i need?

The most important question there is when you start your own brand. What supplements do I need? You can only answer this question if you know what your target audience is and what your sales channels will be. If your target group is seniors, it makes little sense to offer hardcore pre workouts. Learn about your target group and discover what is in demand and focus on that!

An important tip! What you like or use a lot does not have to be what your target group wants. If you want answers to these questions, you will perform in-depth analyzes on your target group through statistics such as. Google Analytics and in particular the keyword planner. Find out what people are looking for and you will easily be able to answer the question “Which supplements do I need?”. This way you have a solid plan that is efficient and with the least possible learning cost.